1. Paralegal School Mendatory Links

MY Centennial
E Centennial

Canlii (The Canadian Legal Information Institute)
Westlaw (Centennial library)
Quicklaw (Centennial library)

Federal law search (Justice Laws)
Ontario law search (E Laws)

Canada bill search (Parliament of Canada)
Ontario bill search (Parliament of Ontario)

2. Paralegal School Supplementary Links

Grammer/plagiarism check (by Grammarly)
Legal citation (by Queen's University)
Legal abbreviation (by Duhaime)
APA guide (by OWL)

Legal dictionary (by Ontario)
Legal dictionary (by Webster)
Legal dictionary (by Farlex)
Legal dictionary (by Duhaime)

Canadian Legal Research & Writing Guide
Court of Appeal Summaries (by Blaney)
Canada legal magazine (by Slaw)
WestLaw training
QuickLaw training
Canlii training

2. Others

Swimming hours (Community Center)
Gym hours (Centennial)
Library hours (Centennial)
Weather (Toronto)